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Single Means Claims

What is a single means claim, and how do we properly draft claims so as to not run afoul of a single means claim rejection?  According to the MPEP (Manual of Patent Examining Procedure) 2164.08(a), “A single means claim, i.e., where a means recitation does not appear in […]

To Search or Not to Search?

An applicant is not required to perform a search when applying for a patent.  Under what circumstances might an applicant choose to do so, or not to do so?  Individuals, small entities and large entities may well face different circumstances, and arrive at decisions accordingly.  Does the decision […]

One-Word Patent Claims

Some fine examples turned up, of patent claims having but a single word.  Ian A. Calvert alerts us to US 3,775,489 PROCESS FOR FLUORINATED AND OF AROMATIC AND POLYNUCLEAR HYDROCARBON COMPOUND AND PLURAL CARBONS PRODUCED THEREBY, issued November 27, 1973 to J. L. Margrave et al.  Claim 12 […]

Shortest US Patent Claim?

For trivia fans, how many words does the shortest US patent claim have?  Ten words?  Five words?  How about two words.  US 3,156,523, filed August 23, 1946, inventor Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg, claims “1.  Element 95”.  Also, US 3,164,462, filed February 7, 1949, inventor Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg, […]