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Seemingly Innocuous Claim Terms

Soon, the Supreme Court will tackle issues about interpretation of patent claims, in Nautilus, Inc. v. Biosig Instruments, Inc. (U.S., No. 13-369, review granted 1/10/14).  There are some excellent analyses available, such as “High Court to Review ‘Insolubly Ambiguous’ Indefiniteness Standard for Patent Claims” on Bloomberg BNA, which […]

To Define or Not to Define

Strong opinions abound as to whether definitions should be included in a patent application.  The client, or the firm, may have a policy about definitions.  This is likely worth following, but might be worth revisiting in certain circumstances.  Here are some pros and cons, for your consideration.  Many […]

Patent Families

Often, a single disclosure from a client leads to a single patent application.  Sometimes, the claims in the patent application face a restriction requirement, and the unelected claims can get later filed in a divisional patent application.  Or, the client may ask for a continuation, with claims fully […]